Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Launch Training

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Launch Training


Microsoft was preparing a national launch of its highly anticipated Surface Pro 3 (SP3). While the company had already realized tremendous success in the tablet market, it sought to create a unique position for the SP3 as a bridge product between traditional laptops and tablets. Strategic communication was paramount in defining this new product position. Microsoft needed to develop a cohesive educational training platform and train hundreds of Retail Sales Professionals (RSPs) across the country on a tight timeline. To ensure a successful launch, Microsoft turned to Sirius 6 to create and drive strategic SP3 product messaging and efficiently train its vast network of RSPs.


Utilizing our deep experience in instructional design, Sirius 6 first developed an interactive training module designed to educate RSPs about the SP3’s unique product features and specifications. We collaborated with Microsoft to customize existing SP3 campaign messages for more effective retail communication. Our extensive relationships with consumer electronics retailers allowed us to roll out our training module to key companies, including Best Buy, Frys, MicroCenter and Tiger Direct. Sirius 6 planned and executed all travel and store visits to capitalize on our network of trainers strategically located across the country. We delivered multiple in-store trainings to thousands of RSPs with retailers in key markets. RSPs were trained to deliver impactful product demonstrations that highlighted the unique features that set the SP3 apart from the rest of the competitive tablet market.


Over the course of three weeks, Sirius 6’ efficiently trained over 1,000 RSPs on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3. We developed strategic messaging and a comprehensive training model that was rolled out to retailers in 27 key markets across the country. Sirius 6 leveraged both its relationships with national retailers and its network of experienced trainers to conduct over 95 in-store trainings in three short weeks. The successful training resulted in a 24 point knowledge shift, as well as a 23 point shift in the Net Promoter Score. The success of the SP3 launch helped Microsoft realize a 25% sales increase of its Surface line over the same quarter of the previous year.


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April 20, 2014