Kellogg’s Improved Communication

Kellogg’s Improved Communication


Kellogg Company was experiencing nationwide communication inefficiencies between its field sales division and corporate offices. Specifically, Kellogg’s ordering and processing systems were inexplicably slow, leading to a significant loss in order processing time. To solve the problem, Kellogg called upon Sirius 6 Corporation’s expertise to evaluate the company’s current information system and correct its communication efficiency problem.


Sirius 6 met with Kellogg’s Chief Information Officer to assess all company-wide information systems. It was discovered that Kellogg’s field agents used a variety of mobile smart devices to take and place orders in the field, while Kellogg corporate office systems were Microsoft Windows-based. We determined the non-Windows devices did not consistently maintain formatting when orders were sent from field devices to corporate offices. The result was a substantial loss in order processing time.

Utilizing our technical expertise, we recommended Kellogg move its entire workforce to Windows Phones to maximize compatibility with corporate’s Windows-based office systems and solve the formatting issue. To support this transition, Sirius 6 trainers used their years of instructional design experience to develop and implement a comprehensive three-step program that would ensure a timely, smooth transition. We first designed a unique and engaging classroom-teaching module to educate all Kellogg employees who were requisitioned Windows Phones. We next rolled out the module in the form of an engaging, two-hour interactive training session for all Kellogg employees across the country. Mobilizing a team of ten seasoned trainers, Sirius 6 trained 5,800 Kellogg employees, in groups of 20 to 100 people, covering multiple cities in just a number of weeks. To add further value and support to the training sessions, we developed an extensive training manual for Kellogg’s IT staff to continue educating its workforce.


Kellogg’s quick and successful shift to Windows Phones effectively resolved its communication inefficiencies and saw order processing times improve by 20%. Sirius 6 trainers used their years of instructional design and consumer technology expertise to create and deliver an impactful training program that effected immediate and lasting behavioral change with Kellogg employees. Our comprehensive, three-step program provided Kellogg the ability to efficiently standardize its new technology with 5,800 employees across the country. The entire project, from system evaluation, training module development and national training implementation, was completed within just 11 weeks.


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May 20, 2013