Field Labor Expo

Field Labor Expo

Field Labor Expo 2014


To build product knowledge and excitement for the 2014 holiday season, Microsoft held its annual FLX for Mosaic event for the company’s key market ambassadors, specialists and product leaders. Microsoft needed to reinforce priorities for all of the company’s core product lines, in anticipation of the competitive selling season. To accomplish the event objectives and provide strategic content development and delivery, Microsoft turned to Sirius 6.


Sirius 6 first surveyed key Microsoft field labor team members to identify priorities and core capabilities needed for the event. We then developed a comprehensive agenda by drawing upon our breadth of experience in end-to-end services in strategic messaging and training delivery. We created an impactful Executive Keynote presentation, which set the stage for multiple skill-based breakout sessions. We developed interactive and engaging content for the sessions, which were designed to reinforce the keynote messages. In particular, we created an informative training video for Jumptuit, a new app designed to bring all Microsoft devices together. We also prepared learning content around the launch of Sunset Overdrive, Miocrosoft’s highly anticipated new Xbox game. Over the course of two days, all participants were efficiently educated and trained on Microsoft’s priorities for the holiday season through real-life engagement scenarios and hands-on experience in numerous breakout sessions.


Microsoft’s FLX event was a resounding success, with nearly 150 key Microsoft representatives educated and inspired to effectively interact with customers over the holiday season. Sirius 6 used its capabilities in end-to-end messaging and training delivery to develop a strategic agenda that would have a significant impact on participant learning. As a result of the engaging content and delivery, trainer ratings for the event were the highest in over 10 years.  Sirius 6 was instrumental in producing a team of energetic and informed representatives who were highly equipped to help Microsoft stand apart from the competition over the important holiday selling season.


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October 20, 2014