Two Microsoft retail groups supported separate online platforms to drive brand advocacy and product knowledge to Retail Sales Professionals (RSPs) and other purchase influencers. Dual sites required duplicate investment and yielded inconsistent messaging. Neither site delivered perceived tangible value to the RSPs, which resulted in low utilization and overall RSP dissatisfaction.


Sirius 6 Corporation recommended Microsoft merge its two online sites to create a single, scalable platform for RSPs that would streamline product knowledge and training and deliver a more engaging online environment. The improved site, called ExpertZone, would provide additional features and program enhancements to RSPs and offer a comprehensive platform for RSPs to derive tangible value from the time they invest.

Our PMP and Six Sigma certified professionals delivered strategic project management expertise to create a seamless transition to one online platform. Sirius 6 program managers built and managed a project schedule that ensured successful data migration with no loss of productivity. We developed and implemented a strategic communications plan to manage multiple stakeholders across the globe. Our deep technical knowledge was utilized to develop and add additional site features and program enhancements to increase overall value to RSPs. Our organizational agility was paramount in navigating the process between two retail groups.


Sirius 6 program management effectively and successfully managed the consolidation of Microsoft’s two online platforms to form a single, user-friendly site. RSPs could now view ALL Microsoft products in ExpertZone and have access to consistent messaging and increased incentives. We delivered the project under a tight schedule, on budget delivery with no loss of productivity. As a result of our technical expertise and effective program management, Microsoft realized significant results. After one year, ExpertZone’s active users increased by 68 percent. Site utilization by Microsoft subsidiaries increased by 169 percent and the number of Expert Program’s completed increased by 97 percent.  Not only did the program enhancements drive a Microsoft brand increase of 20 percent and an increase in Microsoft’s Net Promoter Score, but also delivered a significant cost savings of millions annually.


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July 30, 2012