Best Buy’s Connections

Best Buy’s Connections


Best Buy was experiencing increased product returns of television services packages, which were sold in its stores by third party personnel. Over a two-year period, the company saw a 150 percent increase in customer returns, refund demands, and cancellations of television packages. Best Buy turned to Sirius 6 Corporation to determine the root cause of customer returns and recommend a course of action to correct the problem and repair customer loyalty.


Sirius 6 first analyzed all available data and interviewed members of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. We determined that a disproportionate number of customers were sold television packages that did not align with their viewing or monetary needs, thus spiking product returns and customer dissatisfaction. Essentially, Best Buy’s third-party personnel, working on behalf of various cable and satellite providers, did not effectively engage customers in a discovery process that allowed them to make the correct decision about their television service purchase. To correct this problem, Sirius 6 recommended Best Buy make a radical change: Remove all third-party personnel from stores and create a new, in-house department, called Connections.  Through this department, Best Buy could more effectively engage with its customers and strategically solve their television needs.

Using our structural design and consumer technology experience, Sirius 6 created a comprehensive training module and certification program to educate and certify the new Connections staff. The goal of the certification was to create highly trained staff members who were more knowledgeable than the third-party personnel they were replacing. Our training module consisted of an intensive five-day course of engaging instruction and activities. Additionally, Sirius 6 conducted a two-day follow-up training to ensure the new Connections staff were meeting customer needs and driving change.


Best Buy’s creation of its new Connections department had an immediate and lasting impact. Sirius 6 successfully trained and certified 36 Connections staff members in what became the pilot program for Best Buy’s new way of engaging its customers in this market segment. The success of the pilot program led to multiple trainings in five additional states, with Sirius 6 certifying over 400 staff members. Upon completion of training, Connections staff more effectively engaged with customers and made strategic recommendations to meet customers’ needs. As a result, Best Buy saw a substantial decrease in product returns and complaints and a significant increase in overall customer satisfaction with their television services purchase.


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June 20, 2013