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Kellogg Company was experiencing nationwide communication inefficiencies between its field sales division and corporate offices. Sirius 6 trainers used their years of instructional design and consumer technology expertise to create and deliver an impactful training program that effected immediate and lasting behavioral change with Kellogg employees, improving  order processing times by 20%.

Best Buy was experiencing increased product returns of television services packages. Over a two-year period, the company saw a 150 percent increase in customer returns, refund demands, and cancellations of television packages. Sirius 6 successfully trained and certified Connectionsstaff members and Best Buy saw a substantial decrease in product returns and complaints and a significant increase in overall customer satisfaction with their television services purchase

Sirius 6 program management effectively and successfully managed the consolidation of Microsoft’s two online platforms to form a single, user-friendly site. RSPs could now view ALL Microsoft products in ExpertZone and have access to consistent messaging and increased incentives. Microsoft realized significant results within a year’s time: active users increased by 68 percent, site utilization by subsidiaries increased by 169 percent, and millions of dollars cost savings

Our consulting firm is dedicated to helping you grow your business with partners who have over 60 years of hiring and managing experience at Fortune 500 Companies. Value is at the core of everything we do. We build long-lasting and loyal relationships with our partners and consultants towards mutual benefit. Our consultants and trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, creative, and absolutely committed to your company’s continued growth and success.

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